Five dead in massive car bomb blast in Ugandishu

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MOGADISHU, Somalia- A car loaded with explosives went off at a security checkpoint in Somalia's capital Mogadishu on Sunday, killing at least five people and injuring others, Garowe Online reports.

The Police and witnesses said the huge explosion occurred near Wadajir district's Police station, and the explosion sound could be heard from a distance followed by multiple shots of gunfire.

The Police station lies along the busy Makka Al-Mukarama street, and most of the dead were civilians, according to reporters.

Witnesses said the luxury vehicle blew up after it was stopped and seized by the Police at the checkpoint. Security forces cordoned off the scene and launched an investigation.

A column of white smoke was seen above the capital and some shops in the area were rattled by the blast, GO correspondent in the capital reported.

No group has claimed responsibility so far, however, the al-Shabaab has carried out similar deadly attacks targeting government officials, security forces and African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) in the capital.

The blast comes a day after a landmine blast ripped through a minibus in northern Mogadishu, wounding at least two people, including an Intelligence officer.
Subxanallah AUN to all dead victims and may allah help the injured ones

Muqdisho is being targeted by Al Shabaab khawarij because it's the capital city of Somalia and the HQ for the FGS.

May Allah help us.
Hurta why does he even have a picture of Sayyid barre ?

Most people that support/supported Sayyid barre love somalia to a fault at times and here thus guy is happy about mogadishu and fellow somalis dying

What are you warsame @SomaliWadaniSoldier


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I feel sorry for the victims but what is Farmajo and AU doing? These attacks are planned using walkie talkies and crude cellphones. How can they not tap them and listen in? They should have armored checkpoints everywhere and vehicles that don't slow down should be finished.

Maxamed bin Harti

Talo alle udaa

You gotta go medieval on these fuckers and thier supporters. Just like what Mudane Duerte is doing in the Philippines to the drug cartels. Niggas gotta go missing :banderas: Eradicating these scum should be the #1 priority
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