NEWS First Somali movie to be screened at national theatre in Mogadishu

"Why Is She Not Wearing A Niqab"

Probably An Incel in The CS
Laughing Out Loud Lol GIF by VH1
Good movie but whats with the replies? Some people are hoping AS kill them cause girl not wearing hijab :mindblown:

No wonder our country a shithole
Some of us tend to cheer on the bad guys in movies. Since it’s not real life , but a movie. It would be fun if Al shabaab won
Sound is horrible, you can hear the echo in the room and too much wind outside. Hopefully they'll get better with this technical stuff


“I am an empathic and emotionally-aware person.

Since 91 first ever live Somali made film screened in our Theatre as peace reigns under Mudane Farmaajo.