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First ever thread from calaso ohh this good one revenge one mind, let your feelings out less get on

Aslam alaykum
Ladies and gentlemen

Wat it do,
waag wun my predgrens

This is my 3rd week sspot
My first ever thread in sspot

You general members to tell me
Are you calaso haters or lovers

What do you think calaso?

Do you hate the bully
or love the sweet fob


No, cause his F ****,
to forward contrevertial bully who talks crap

Yes, his fast but humble sweat fob
Honest quick to tell truth loves us equally

Maybe, can't decide nor trust him
Sometimes nice sometimes not so

I be chilling to my Somalinimo
Time is up guys
I gave you 3 hours to watch me live
And decide

Only @AliUK
had the nerve balls to see me, bigup

The rest of you
are afraid to look at me face to face

Walaahi wat a punch
of sensitive nerdy weirdos types

I assumed you were scared anyways
you thought i might come through
Phone screen hahaha

Dont be scared
I am soft fob gentle nice type of bully
I do not bite at all

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