First ever halal nightclub opens in Jeddah KSA


lmao ofc @Lolalola is here defending them, did u also defend them when mariah carey was singing nextdoor to Mecca?
I'm not defending them, lol. I really do think it's gross that they're westernizing their culture - especially since Saudi Arabia hosts the holiest sites in Islam and thus have more responsibility as a nation to model themselves in a respectable Islamic manner. I'm only criticizing those who say that Saudi Arabia was never "that Islamic" to begin with, even though they're the only Sunni country on the planet closest to the real deal (pure Sharia). Name me another nation that outlines the Sharia in their constitution - go on. I'm waiting.


Even if they think it’ll be halal, it won’t be :icon lol:

But Jeddah is not like other Saudi cities you guys are imagining. Their broadcasters wear normal clothing (no hijab, jeans, makeup, etc). They’re attractive to outside non-Sauds.
I know some incel saudi guy will go there just to take pics of the women and call them *****s in the caption, just like they do when they visit beaches in dubai