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Nah, it’s cool. I don’t mind.


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Yup, same with me, abowe. I had some malaclusion issues that needed correcting (like most people as the generations go by) and my Ortho did state that there were environmental factors and asked about my habits like if I thrust my tongue forward or thumb-sucked a lot as a kid but he also said it could be genetic and I heard that quite a bit over the years but it never made any sense to me because my parents and all four of my grandparents had pretty much perfectly straight teeth.

I had an interest in Anthropology for entirely different reasons (genetics and ancestry) as well as an interest in nutrition for entirely different reasons (weight loss and muscle building) but I eventually stumbled upon a place where they both intersected with all this robusticity, early human diet and dental stuff, and I was shocked when I realized what you pointed out regarding paleolithic people and their skulls and teeth and just kept seeing more evidence mounting.

I find Mike Mew seems kinda meh. He's on point about the history and does a seemingly decent job with his young patients but otherwise I think this Dr Hang saxiib is where it's at:

Plan to go to California someday and get some old work corrected by this saxiib. I'm pretty convinced my previous Ortho work effed up my airways in more ways than I can get into right now.

Interesting. I am not sure what the best way is to course correct. I understand the dilemma. We are the first generation exposed to industrialized living and a different way of life. It is only natural to assume that our palates would narrow. Imagine how bad the situation would be without orthodontics. As mothers do not strictly breastfeed, food is softer and processed, bad chewing habits and poor tongue placement can accrue. I have, however, heard of the Myobrace for Adults, which may help in terms of tongue placement.

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Can jaw surgery fix that?
I would not advise jaw surgery because its very invasive. I think it should only be used in extreme cases.
Due to sun exposure kulahaa :mjkkk: Don't you know Australia gets hotter in the summer than many parts of somalia. The dude doesn't look like somali because he is not ethnically somali. He is from minority group called reer xamar who are mixture of arabs, south asians, bantus and somalis. Do you understand now?
He looks reer xamar but aren’t reer xamars somali ?