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Finally PL Defense force learning counter-terrorism mine attacks

This should be happen before 10 or 12 years. But is good start to counter those land mine, so we can reach to their bases .
About time thank god. We lost a Danab Soldier in Afgoye a few days ago to land mine. These coward terrorists are using land-mines so they kill you before you even reach them for the 'battle'. It's the coward tactic, he isn't prepared to fight 'weeye' but I need to kill you while u coming to fight me. PL should've had this sort of training a long-time ago. SL is full of mines, it's intended to protect umaad 'meel degaan' it's always intended to ensure the enemy can't reach the city and attack it, so they lay it all over the high-ways. SL fears attacks from the outside while 'sacad muse iyo hj are all settled' into towns n cities and have no real 'mobile rural army' only 'garhajis' does that's why you see him moving around so freely CAARE in Sanaag. Miyigu hadu sacad iyo hj joggi laha they would've stopped him. I am sure toghdheer is the same also. Waqoyi galbeed is completely settled, u won't see any miyi person around the vicinity.

Muse knows, Caare knows, Somali knows. We all know each other weakness as clans, we just act like we don't or we act like we 'dumb' about a topic in Somalia so you don't present yourself as 'weirdo or extremist qabili and stuff'. Child games I say. I am mighty puntlander, anigu guusha ii daran keliya si aan nabad ka helo for next 50-100 years and that requires a good mighty karbash first so he remembers it for the next 50-100 years.
The best way to detect land mines is to find how 'somalis' lay them, usually they don't change the 'style' of land mine. The other thing which I think is best. Hal gaadhi oo mine detector iska iibsada oo dagaal kasto markad aadaysan hormariya kan detectorku to ensure the path can be travelled. U will not suffer single death on the road anymore as all the technicals can pass thru without any fear of a qarax on the street.

But I am not sure where the mine can be in SL, because jidku haday mine saaran tahay, ganacsiga ayaa xirmayo, all truckers, taxis, drivers, etc will stop trading and SL economy basically is finished as transportation of goods n services is not happening. So re-think the mine theory guys. I think maybe the road is 'clear' for us to OOG SOOL. Or if u mean the TERRORISTS in Galgala and Qandala, yes they will lay mines definitely when u come into the mountain, shaki kuma jiro taas