Fighting for independence for Somalia was a waste of time.

lmao MJs were fighting deep between Galgaduud and Hiiraan with the Italians that got their ass whopped until they called on Eritrean Askaris and Somali colonial forces they called The Corpo Zaptié made of HGs, Abgaals and other southerners learn your history learn about Omar Samatar that was almost your salvation but you preferred Italian slavery over Somali rule. @Crow @Farm @Reiko this guy ancestors prob fought for Italy and he wants to rewrite history:ftw9nwa:
Majeerteens only started fightibg the Italians after the facist rose to power because racist Facist didng repect the deals you made with the Italians. Its also a known fact.
SYL was created and dominated by MJs go cry somewhere else because your ancestors wanted extended colonial rule until 1990 lmao, Italians came as early as 1880
Is that why this man was leading us to indepencdence?

And after him this man became the frst President.

Or was it because Majeerteen are known for their love of sharing power?

These men founded SYL and there is 3 Abgaals in it. Abaayo dont go claim what everyone worked on together as only yours. It looks pathetic.

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