FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 THREAD

being eliminated by Russia and Morocco in the R16
Spain reek of beta male energy, weak men, having a base of barca is bad news, you cant trust men who are still unsuccessful at getting independence, similar to what Hilary clinton said if I was fighting with landers I would be successful, however I came across hawiye in the south and lost shamefully and left traumatised
Spain have reverted back to the mean. They were always perennial underachievers/bottlers in major championship. That tiki taka xavi iniesta back to back champ wins had niggas fooled.
I swear this new generation dont understand the image Spain had before that 2010s group, England Spain have for years been stereotyped as the underperformers ironically both have the most youth trophies so the talent is there, but they never do much and both have the worst penalty shootout record in the world, hideous twins wallahi
England vs France and Morocco vs Portugal in 2 days. If England and Morocco win their matches the Moroccans will probably go crazy in the UK like they did Belgium

El Nino

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Day ruined, these guys parked the bus for 120 minutes and got through, I sometimes hate the fact that the shitter team can win in football