FGS causes a shortage of medicine in kismayo

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Didn't madoobe build a hospital while in charge of JL?

If not the FGS should build a large hospital in kismayo for all JL'ers.

The leadership (all 7,8,9 honestly I lost count) need to develop their respective jurisdictions.

From the day farmaajo was inaugurated till this day, I still wait for the reconciliation counsel. Because the republic is still in civil war. Everyone acts like it is over while the scores haven't been settled and in the meantime the strongest terrorists organisation in the entire continent has risen in our midst.


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Here's a govt official announcing the resumption of flights yesterday. Since the 24hr rule was instated there were no flights.

I did find this tweet mentioning a ban, but that doesn't even come close to one week.



These xoolos are so deep in Farmaajo's futo. Nothing will convice them. Look at this hooyo who just wants to get on a plane to get treated.


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Calling out Fake News is not support of the government, Somali media has a huge problem with fake news. BBC Somalia was just last week saying Somalia had sold its seas to Kenya in that meeting at the UN. :gucciwhat:

Don't get mad when the article you posted refutes your own point.
This is horrible, do you see why we will never be part of a centralized Somalia? imagine if Mogadishu had Siad barre power like the kacaan era. May Allah swt be with the poor people.