Feminists discriminate against transwomen


To each their own
So she supports the L in LGBT, but not the T?

No wonder she is shunned away by her own community.


A sane man to an insane society must appear insane
I find this an insult': Loose Women star India Willoughby slams 'gender-fluid' Credit Suisse boss who sometimes wears a wig and dress to work after he was named in the top 100 WOMEN in business

Mr Bunce claims to be ‘gender fluid’ and ‘non-binary’ and will split his time ‘fifty-fifty’ between Pippa and Philip - occasionally dressing in a wig and dress.

But his appearance on the Financial Times & Her-oes Champions of Women in Business list has been branded ‘insulting’ by those who think occasionally dressing as a woman is not enough to qualify.

Mr Bunce, who worked his way up through the company as a man – a company which typically pays its male employees more – only started cross dressing at work four years ago.






A sane man to an insane society must appear insane
@Cognitivedissonance has found the western feminist's kryptonite and he's not going to miss an opportunity to use it.
This male doctor from newcastle united kingdom is also using the achilles heel of the feminists
This feminist made a billboard saying woman women noun adult female and the male doctor made a smear campaign against her labelling her and the billboard as transphobic and got the ad company to take the ad down @Knowles the chickens are coming home to roost:banderas:

Feminists are a broad church of people who have different opinions about transgender women. There are also gay men who oppose all transgender people, both men and women. Abdi John aka @Western4Life is one of them. Don’t only dig the opinions of those who are against them, but please present the views of others too.