Female teacher from Newham jailed for sex with 15-year-old student

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Men and women are just wired differently. Dont understand why is it so hard to for some to comprehend.

The psychological impact a boy could have from a teacher-student relationship is completely different from a girl.
Eh, I guess we just have a difference of outlook then. I think the psychological impact varies on an individual basis (although all cases are still unethical); even within the girl vs. guy category-- not all girls are wired the same, and not all boys are wired the same.

One question though...
If you think boys, on avg, are psychologically better equipped to handle teacher-student relationships: what do you make of male teacher-male student relationship (if they are "mutually attracted")?? Is that rape/predatory..or nah?
Agree with TooMacaan.

Enough with the double standards. Im all for equality and that means no more favoring one gender over another.
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what are the chances of getting laid by a teacher in the last year of high school?:lolbron::diddyass:
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