FBI agents question a Somali journalist about articles he’s written on Black Lives Matter

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Bottom line people need to stay away from the bogus movement that is called Black Lives Matter. Somalis should be supporting All Lives Matter Movement.


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Seattle seems to be the epicentre of the Somali SJW movement. He was probably part of the Seattle #BlackBrunch. Here's one of example of a #BlackBrunch that was dominated by Somalis.

The owners of a Fremont restaurant are trying to figure out why they were targeted by a “black brunch” demonstration this past weekend. They say a group marched in to Norm’s Eatery and Ale House on Sunday morning and read the names of people like Michael Brown, who were killed by police.

There is a persistent thread of victimhood, entitlement, and complete disregard for anyone who thinks differently than they do. For example,

" agr dolce in Fremont was harassing us calling us threatening and called the cops "

Both of the users are quick to try to start Twitter shame campaigns and trivialize efforts simply on the fact that they were led by white people. Their rhetoric is violent and hateful, which ironically, makes them textbook thuggish (by definition: using force and intimidation to achieve their goals), which is a word that would make them flip out if used towards them. I bet people criticizing them feel a need to do so anonymously for their safety.

It is strange that they try so hard to latch on to this "slave" narrative... These are Somalians! They weren't slaves....
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