Fauci Lied

Seems God works in mysterious ways. New information has developed. The story is unraveling. Similar trends have formed. Refresher on the timeline of the narrative of Covid 19.

Covid-19 is a natural virus that came from bats (Chinese backed narrative supported by WHO).
CDC approves of the narrative by WHO.
Scientists begin to realize the virus may have been engineered (Lab-Leak Theory begins).
CDC states that the Lab-Leak theory is ridiculous.
CDC changes position to stating the LLT is a possibility.
CDC accepts it is now a valid theory.
Dr. Fauci under oath states that they did not do gain of function research in China.
WHO, no longer supporting the Chinese decides to launch a probe.
Chinese blocks probes.
US via the Biden administration approves of a CIA backed investigation.
CIA (unsurprisingly, given the short period of time given) states that have no information one way or the other.
Chinese slip up by pointing the finger at the US (LLT but with Fort Detrick, not the Wuhan Institute of Virology). This proves that the narrative has changed: Covid-19 was manufactured.
Indians cannot get more vaccines, begins to use Ivermectin on mass. Cases drop dramatically. MSM doesn't pick up on this.
Vaccines means no mask needed (CDC reported).
Whoops, need your mask (CDC reported).
Whoops, vaccines don't actually work well, need a booster (look as Israel if you need a reference for this).
Ivermectin smeared as horse dewormer, despite the fact that simple research proves humans have used the drug for a long time: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ivermectin
Vaccines are defined as medicine that provides immunity. As you are not immune if you take the jab, why is it being called a vaccine?
Whoops, may need boosters forever (Australia government reported).
Don't like shots, we got pills on the way, no worries fam (Pfizer reported by end of the year).
Report now proves that grants (funding) was given to EcoHealth Alliance, connected to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which is confirmed to have conducted gain of function research, proving Dr. Fauci lied.

Time will let us know how things will progress.

With the way Australia is moving, looks like it's being set up as the experimental blueprint on how to control the masses in the West.

At this point, if my job asks me to take the jab, I'll take it. I'll either die soon and not have to deal with the hell being sprung up on this God forsaken planet, or I'll brush it off and make enough money to get the f*ck out of this crazy ass ride.
Propaganda you guys are fools believing these right wingers, literally a doqon.

Ask around your community and see how many somalis died from this virus and other people from diff comunnities, just go to the hospital and see.

You've been taking needles since young and never complained, media told u they capping and you ran with it.

Whether me or you like it they will force the needles onto each and every person sooner or later, it already started across europe
If you actually read the entire post, you'd see in the last paragraph that I accept that mandatory vaccination is going to happen.

Also, if I accepted the opinions of right wingers, I'd say dumb shit like the vaccine is the mark of the beast, and that this is a part of a deep depopulation plot.

Everything I said was a fact. There was nothing political about it. Never said leftists, never said socialists. None of that. If you can't handle the fact that you've been lied to by the government and the mainstream media, that's a you problem fam.