Father had enough drowns son in Shabeelle river

People don’t understand how hard it is back home living in poverty it’s easy to criticize when you live in the west

if more fathers disciplined their somali sons in the UK, we would have thousands of less Somali boys in prison, i heard there is about 7 k, i do not know how true that is but come to my local prison, lots of Somali boys going into her majesty's pleasure for a vacation


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Two wrongs don’t make it right, what the dad did was very cruel and heartless, to tie up ur son and throw him in the river is probably one of the worst ways a human being can die. There’s no excuse to take the law in to ur own hands. I hope the poor young man gets justice. AUN


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first of all the son isnt a kid hes an adult and by that age he should listen and respect his parents they live in the countryside and he isn't only causing a mess to his family but also the others who live there he should handed him to the cops


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How you letting your pops tie you up and drown you at 20 yrs old:draketf:
He claimed the son was allegedly drunkard and stealing from neighbors and nearer settlements. I dunno may be he was intoxicated, who knows. Either way it's sad story. He shuddave sought help to stop him and not take the matter in his hands. AUN


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This old man is mentally ill no sane parent will do that.

He should of just got him sent to prison rather than killing him.

May Allah give him the same punishment.
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I loved the moral debate and discussion this story generated. I did not click on the video nor know the particulars, because frankly i dont care. For me to care, someone has to be beautiful to attract my attention
This old man is mentally ill no sane parent will do that.

He should of just got him sent to prison rather than killing him.

May Allah give him the same punishment.
Given how the man spoke he doesn't look nor spoke like someone who is ill. He may have diabetes and extreme blood pressure. Hard to classify as a mental illness but there have been stories of Somali fathers who kill their sons
If the old man killed a regular person who was destroying his property and stealing from his neighborhood, he would prolly get praised for it and become a "hero".

There are times even non-violent people are forced to fight back in order to defend themselves and what is theirs. That is not the issue here.

The moral dilemma in this is how cruelly he murdered another human and the fact that that person is his own son.

Tbh, this incident would have been more digestable if the old man shot his son in an act of self-defense.

If you can't seem to comprehend this, please seek psychological treatment asap.

Western kids:
This is Somalia. If you are killed for Qabiil revenge what do you think of your kid's misbehavior. It's either your kid or the whole family. Figure out which one is easier.


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Reer miyyi ppl are known to be very harsh and cruel. They only care about their cattle which is their livelihood so :francis: AUN


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