Nairobi La Flores

Hakuna matata
What's up with Somali women , once they finish university they gain weight? I made sure when I left school to keep fit which I did on and off..
Somali food is not the healthiest. We have a very carb high diet (baris, basto), and our drinks like Mango and tea are filled with sugar. Couple that with little to no exercise and it doesn't bode well.

The men aren't better at all when they get older.


Raw Hard Truth
I would also like to add, in Middle school and High School I played plenty of sports but received no support, I had to bus it to all my games and practices, no Somalis supported me within that, I lost out on a soccer university try out/ potential scholarship because I couldn't get a ride, and my white coach didn't get me a ride conveniently that day because his daughter was also trying out as well :pachah1:we know whats up... she got the full ride, I didn't. But it's all good.

I was also on the all star team in high school for basketball within my school wallahi. But again no support, I didn't want to be a pro player or anything, I just wanted a uni ride. But the Somali community couldn't see my plans and did not support me at all. But they had the time to support drug dealers and criminals, this is where my beef with the somali community started.

Had to get into Uni another way, by saving up cold hard cash,scholarships.. etc. Then decided I know how to make money without begging a white teacher for grades. :russ:

My Advice, have the strength to do stuff yourself, if you wanna get fit... go and do it!