Fat Acceptance Movement


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What I don't like is when fat people call people, who have a healthy weight (body fat percentage), "skinny".

I think the word "skinny" is more derogatory than the word "fat", because the word "skinny" is inaccurate. Thin people do not have excess skin, but fat people certainly have excess fat.

I have no problem with people that are fat. I just hate when fat people push other people into being fat and not eating a proper diet. Don't act persecuted when other people want to be healthier! Healthy is good! Fatness is unhealthy! These idiots need to learn that being fat isn't sexy or healthy. Lose the damn weight before you have a heart attack!

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nigga I am not a firefighter
they want size 6XL in the store but call having the sizes 0/00/000 “oppression”