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He is an individual who benefitted from Sade previledge of the Kacanka.

Prior to his rise to fame he was not known as a Somali activist nor did he try to participate in any protests especially when Ethiopia invaded Xamar in 2006.

He went to US on the Somalia tax payers money thatnks to Sade Priviledge that existed in Somalia.

He worked in the Somalia embassy with no previous qualifications like International.relations certificate or Degree in foreign relations.

His father was neither a politician nor his grand parents nor did they fight for the liberation and creation of Somalia as a country.At best they served Italian colonisers.

Farmajo wrote a thesis regarding to Somalia's politics and it was full of bias.He failed to show how his community got monopoly in exporting and importing goods from Somalia nor did he highlight how the Commercial Bank of Somalia was used to enrich them.and create men like Xosh Kibrey.

He didn't state the fact that the 1977 war in Ethiopia was not a liberation war but one that enabled Sade.priviledge to galvanise its power and destroy their opposition.

Fast forwarding he came to power after bribing mps and having garnered more votes from them thanks to Fahad Yassin dirty money from Qatar.

Today we are told the opposition are spoliers controlled from abroad by IC and that the fate of Somalia should be left for Farmajo to do whatever he likes like signing of Somalia ports and not even being scrutinised by the mps or senators.

Under Farmajo the FGS are compromised.
The Lower House and the speaker are compromised.
The Senate is compromised
The judicial is compromised.
The SNA is compromised.
Ethiopia can shot planes in Somalia airspace and kill.Somali citizens and no one can talk about it.

What Farmajo wants is to reinstate a dictatorial facsict regime that will.bring back Sade Priviledge at any cost.
so installing puppet Federal presidents using Ethiopians what does this indicate?
What dictator that can’t even control his own capital? What dictator that hides behind Amisom in a bunker? What dictator that’s a puppet to Ethiopia?

I don’t f*ck with Farmajo but he’s not a dictator even if he wanted to.