Farmaajo when there is a terror attack in Somalia vs elsewhere

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When there is terror attack in Somalia, not a peep. He doesnt think Somali people need condolences and reassurances like those in Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia do.

I still remember how was talking shit about HSM.

what happened to this campaign promise?
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Mass atrocities in Somalia are as common as fender benders in other countries. If the president had to take time to condemn each one, he'd never have time to do anything else. No point in wasting time on condolosenses for a useless and blood thirsty nation unable to accept even the most basic norms around law and order and safeguarding the sanctity of life.
Not even that but didn't the kneyan government recently classify him as public enemy number one. They still claim our maritime zone and swore even if he icj ruled against them that they "will not yield one inch".



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There is a new slogan in Muqdisho

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