Farmaajo gives up and admits defeat

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“I am an empathic and emotionally-aware person.
Why do you make everything black and white. I told you during Deni's inauguration the FG and mamuuls forgave each other for the sake of the country.

This is a good gesture by the government.
Why do you make everything black and white. I told you during Deni's inauguration the FG and mamuuls forgave each other for the sake of the country.

This is a good gesture by the government.


Stick to your guns.

Why do you flip flop so much?

Mudane madoobe declared victory. :manny:

Your midget xabashi adeer lost.
Cheese comes off like Baldy.

Will ghetto see a penny of this?

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We been through Ghetto. You creased like a bad shaati kkk

Show me pictures of development in Afmadow Dhoobley Liboye Qooqani iyo Buaale before you talk shit about developing a gobol you expect me to believe ilkadheer qoti can build anything MJ and Issaq can kaftan to me about development but never you idiot reer baadiye Ilkadheet you never lived in Kismayo before 91 let’s be honest Harti built that city don’t claim it in 2018:ulyin:

Post lkadheer towns in Jubbada Hoose iyo Jubbadda dhexe I dare you:mjlol:
Keep avoiding the question qoti where is your family from and post the pics J/hoose iyo J/dhexe and the development for the past 27 years even show me a makeshift airport runway I’m waiting
I’m dying to see the development the likes of Garowe bosaaso iyo burco has achieved ilkadheer show me how much gedo is behind:trumpsmirk:
Looool it’s been debunked long time ago tell him to show you the development in Jubba hoose and Jubba dhexe his ancestral homeland I bet he’ll show pics of Garissa and Jigjiga that his slave masters developed for him let’s see how much better cagdheer are than mareexaan begin the challenge :trumpsmirk:
@Ferrari @JONB im still waiting .....make me say wow mashallah like when I see Gaalkacyo or Berbera like shit MX gotta get their act together show me what you’ve done in your only two gobols in Somalia for 27 years like wow Caghdeer wey shaqeeysteen
@TekNiKo @Sheikh @nine @wars guys come see what fabulous construction projects the industrious Cagdheers mighty rulers of Jubbaland their royal majesty have going on in Jubbada Hoose iyo Jubbada Dhexe very unlike the barren wastelands of Gedo :chrisfreshhah:
Bro I try my best never to diss beesha Absame but you’ve pushed me into a corner with your cuqdad now show me what you’ve done from Saakow to Qooqani for 27 year the only free OG land you have left since you wanna talk shit so much about Gedo and Kismaayo is multi tribal multi ethnic Gaarisa and Jigjiga are in countries with governments with law and order show me your Gaalkacyo Berbera Burco and Garowe in the 2 Jubbas
@JONB @Ferrari did you really think this day wouldn’t come when card gets pulled you guys fold up like a paper “Kismayo Kismayo bbb but Kismayo” let’s talk truth Kismayo was built and developed by Harti and the central government what about the 2 whole gobols you guys claim ma iloowdeen for 27 years:chrisfreshhah::chrisfreshhah::chrisfreshhah:
SHOW ME! what you’ve been up to in unoccupied Ogaden land your free home in Somalia wallahi I will never talk shit again imagine if the Palestinians had a free land somewhere it would be the next Dubai once again show me what’s going on in your 2 gobols:mjpls:
Don’t blame Shabab for all your failures they came on the scene in 08 and they don’t stop development as long as they get tax money on time I criticize MX just as much as OG I know the region well sxb all major towns in Gedo are al Shabab free except Ceel Cadde @Ferrari knows so I don’t know where you got your info from can you say that for J/hoose J/dhexe show me what you did not what your gonna do before you try to come for us humble yourself all of JL is behind on the development index

Funniest part IMO:
@Ferrari dont change the subject cuz show me new paved streets,hospitals,schools,airports,street lights something new,new development don’t show me google earth with bush houses show me how much more advanced Absame towns than Sade’s are and I will firmly back OG in Jubbaland for life I will even enlist in Ras Kamboni and fight for Ogaden just show me something
Seems like the meeting last month between OG leaders in Kenya and Farmajo is paying off. A strong Jubbaland state benefits both OG and MX.

@nine sxb why limit to Jubbaland? You know OGs have plenty of cities in DDSI and NFD :reallymaury:
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