Farmaajo did us Northern Unionists dirty

Nigga don’t misquote me you yourself said it’s hard to respect someone that flip flops everyday. How can i count on someone that changes his/her alligence wherever the wind blows.

Also saying they’re your people how is that an insult when he now claims he’s a unionist?


Say it with your chest. I do.


Make Hobyo Great Again
It's actually shameful to see Warsangelis who support Somaliland. They used to have an ancient Sultanate that ruled the North called Maakhir. They kept Isaaq in the mountains and made them pay blood money and today you see them running to Hargeisa to live with people who speak like this;

Mac sonkor.
It's funny that you mention that. The Wikipedia page for the Warsangeli Sultanate was completely deleted by his Isaaq masters.


Notice how in Somalia its always the same four clans vying for the kuursi, no hate on them but this select 4 hegemony has to stop. 4.5 is literally Abgaal, Habar Gidir, Marexaan and Majerteen .5 are everyone else
You're not Madhibaan ffs, stop with this victimhood complex.
Because y'all devalued yourselves by giving unconditional support, like nigga at least ask for something in return. :mjkkk:


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