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Malcolm X

The price of freedom is death
Its all about mindset. treat females as you wud treat a feral cat. hiss at em, grab em playfull in the right places, maintain strong eye contact. and above all, just dont put em in pedestal.

u see a one u liked? try to get to knoe her by takin initiative. say hi, few days later hit her up with coffee outings or sthing. if she turns down, next her.

IF a women ever tells u that you come her so strong. u know shes not good for u, a female whos receptuve to u advances and already wants u to fraternize wud never ever say that. so u know what to do. next her.

i assume you are in ur early 20s. if so, you have to develop what they call abundant mentality. when u do that, you can take over the world.

story time. 6 years ago i was an introvert, fresh outta highschool. i had fooled few girls here abd there. never maintained a one more than few months. reason? i used to think relationships were just a temporary transaction, few titty grab here andthere. slip fingers once in a while. suck some clit and call it a day. PIV was rare as all xalimos guarded their V cards like a prize. rightly.

come my study abroad. fob i was introduced into a new world. new way of livin. and that come with free sex. scantily clad women. my fob gus was always throbbing and i shamelessly followed my eyes with every flesh that i cud set my eyes. women knew i was in heat, they wud sense danger miles away. u know.

in few months, i managed to spin 3-10 girls. all different sizes and shades. if i wanted a girl, i wud approach like i wud any of my buddies. "hey i been noticing u few times. you keep distractin me from daily routine. wud u like to go out sometime?" few chuckles and its yes or no. u got yes u got a chance to tap em. no? u move on to the next. forget em, see em again? dont even bother aknowledging em. few weeks they will call u from the open. if tbeyre important u wud initiate a netflix and chill apology.

this is all about abundance mentality. be it romantic, professional or life settin. its all connected how you carry yoself and navigate thu your daily to day lifestyle.

things that wud unconciously help you to move out your comfort zone;

if youre lanky, eat good and hit the gym. hair not good? ask the barber to give you a decent haircut of his choice. no fashion sense? buy 3 different slim fit outfits from low to mid luxury designers. polos, chukas, cardigans, blazers etc are all manly clothes you wud need.

apart from all that, be nice to ppl but dont be a door mat. in essence, BE A GENTLEMAN. a female can profile you and know all bout u befire u open yo mouth.

all this stuff will unconciously make you a hearthrob or whatever kids call the cool dudes at unis.

PS: your end game must not be females, 10 years down the road you will reflect and seein all your early adulthood revolve around women would be dissapointment. building your tomorrows version shud encompass everythin that makes a great man successfull, that includes studying hard, working your ass off and learning and solvin life experiences.

travel your uni holidays. not to exotic vacay and that shit. but travel to less fortunate thirdworld for rich life experience, far from your spoonfed life. this will open your eyes to worldy insights and perspective. all necessary for interpersonal relations.

Go do you sxb. i will be rootin for you.

:rejoice: Love this post

I might be a recluse but I still get decent offers. :win:
There are two types of people in this world - those who can afford to be picky, and those who are men.


Malcolm X

The price of freedom is death
The bold part is your problem, you conditioned yourself to be in an inferior 'selling mode' hence placing yourself at an abject gross disadvantaged beggary state which women smell from a mile across and hence are biologically turned off.

The seller is always at the mercy of the buyer and hence always in an inferior desperate supplicate position, you need to mentally condition yourself to be the buyer and here are a few practical steps to achieve this.

1) Address your greatest insecurities that is zapping your 'superficial' confidence/self-esteem currently (weight/physique/dress/income etc there is tonne of information out there for this)

2) Learn self discipline by sticking to a basic plan you won't deviate from, every day you succeed in this your inner deep confidence increases eventually allowing you to weather any storm that comes your way even at your lowest point because the superficial type of high confidence is easily broken in hard times.

3) Embark on a Perpetual journey of self-improvement and knowledge, never stagnate! everyday improve on something you already know or learn new things, this will pull you ahead on the mental side while fortifying everything else.

4) Deen, Deen, Deen, without this nothing really matters.

There is no quick fix here, read up on sexual transmutation which you can use to devastating effects here to master all 4 very easily and very quickly too, when you do this your mentality will automatically switch to 'buyer' state of mind

Powerful psychological changes will happen which women pick up very easily, instead of hoping when they will give you a chance or thinking about how to make things work inorder for her to like you!

You will be the one dictating everything intuitively and pick as you wish because not only are you superior to her in every measurable metric but also superior to 90% of the beta hordes and pulling away further on a daily.

This is the gold post. I think this is the best post so far.

I salute you and when I do manage to find a lady, you will be one of people I thank


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:rejoice: Love this post

There are two types of people in this world - those who can afford to be picky, and those who are men.


There are 2 mentalities in life - scarcity and abundance. I choose the latter. Scarcity implies desperate - I'll grab hold of any offer (even if it's unsuitable). Abundance means there will always be opportunities, hence it's my duty to assess which one is likely the most fruitful.

Just because you are decent by all accounts doesn't mean we have the same values. And marriage is not something one casually steps into, it's a lifetime decision. :farmajoyaab:
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