Faraxs, are you hairy?


Not too hairy, like average white person. Hairy arms, hands, thighs, calves, belly and a small amount on chest.


Cadaans are fucking hairy, they have hair everywhere.
Indians and arabs are most hairy, they are like animals. Cadaans are in the middle, and black/east asian people are the least hairy. So for a Somali, I would say I’m quite hairy as are my female family members.
Very hairy. I have got hair on my back, chest, arm, upper arm, belly, thighs, abd legs.
My dad is a genetic anomaly he only has back hair and is bald everywhere else on his body.
I don't think any population in Sub-Saharan Africa is all that hairy, and Nilotics seem to have the least amount of body hair; girls in school were shocked at how smooth my skin was.
Not having body hair as man is fucking odd, imagine looking like some smooth skinned ladyboy as a man in his 30s. Also, if you don't have a solid beard by 25, just give up at that point :lolbron: