Farax Shows Xalimos, A Good Reason To Travel To Korea

Of course it would be a man. Men(don't use examples of old white pedophile men travelling to Asian countries to f*ck little Asian girls as an counter argument against me) travel to foreign countries for valid reasons to support their families or to better themselves academically speaking instead of travelling to try out the local men because you have some weird fetish for them.


No drama
Would be great if you guys didn’t use his success for your petty gender wars.

Congratulations to him. Masha allah and May Allah grant him the best.
As long as noble women as you exist, the Somali women reputation will be high.. Gender wars are bullshit and people often exaggerate the numbers of bad apples to win the argument.

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mashallah. but you couldve posted your congrats without mentioning xalimos. they live rent free in your maskax