Famous Internet-Sheikh Nouman Ali Khan Caught Doing Saqajanimo

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Theres so much wrong with what I'm seeing online, it's not Islamic at all. The way 'internet sheikhs' and Islamic pages are writing about the situation is dishonourable. The religious stance on hearsay is clear.

'Why then, did not the believers, men and women, when you heard it (the slander), think good of their own people and say: “This (charge) is an obvious lie ?” (12)' (An-Noor).


Ibnu Suxuufi Ibnu Al Dhoobe
This guy probably has 1000's of hijabis throwing themselves at him. I don't see anything wrong with him talking to them:yacadiim:

Saalax Bidaar

Truthfulness so often goes with ruthlessness
Dirty perverts all these shiekhs are fucking hypocrites, stopped listening to these goons years ago, bunch of goat fuckers ! With no plausible hard conclusive evidence to support their claims
So you read and automatically believe?

I have read that lengthy FB and for the life of me it seems it was written by some crazy person raging with jealousy.

There is zero evidence of wrong doing.

Saalax Bidaar

Truthfulness so often goes with ruthlessness
The accusations are 'inappropriate interaction' by a community of self proclaimed jealous scholars that have been on a witch hunt against him for years due to his popularity, there is no accusation of anything beyond the 'verbal' which is very revealing here.

No evidence of this vague 'inappropriate interaction' has been made public nor has Nouman spoken on it, until you hear both sides, you can't make any judgements.

You have to also understand the kinds of people you are dealing with, these are a people that act more conservative then the sahaba that regard any man going up to a women in a respectful dignified way to speak to her in order to see if she is marriage material to be 'inappropriate' if not 'haram' with no proof from the Quran or Sunnah to support such a position.

I do not consider the above to be inappropriate and neither does Nouman in a speech I heard from him, it all boils down to what your intentions are and Allah knows them best, as long as you avoid being in a private place with them and fear Allah with regards to your speech, I see no problems with this especially in today's climate were the culture of family having large rosters of potentials no longer exists and everyone has to vend for himself.

You have to understand Nouman is a millionaire who came out of a divorce (likely an arranged marriage which he doesn't want to repeat), a popular figure that women throw themselves at day and night that could easily select the 4 he desires at will with even the most staunch anti polygamy chick becoming pro polygamy overnight just for him because of his status. There is no compelling motive at play here.

It makes no sense that the only accusations against him are the so called 'inappropriate interactions' by the extremist community, for such accusations to come out implies that the women complained to these man which is pure sour grapes.

What likely happened is that Brother Nouman had respectful interactions with these women to see their eligibility in marriage just like I would have.

At some point in the interaction he decided for some reason he was no longer interested and stopped responding to them just like I would have done (if she failed the test)

As you know, hell hath no fury then a scorned women, especially if a famous man is involved, hence they set out to destroy him instead and the jealous enemies as usual pounced on this, this has happened to many man over the years, yet these predatory women are being portrayed as victims because the popular dude they sought out desperately no longer wanted to continue the 'verbal' interactions, they have more to gain here then he has, yet they are the so called victims we should feel sorry for.

I don't see how Nouman could have done this any differently without falling into the same arranged marriage cycle, I can understand he doesn't want to get the parents involved so early without even getting to know the women, for a popular person like him such a story spreads in the community and the embarrassment of a U turn by him becomes very profound literally forcing him to marry her, so I understand his reticence.

These bunch of jealous buffoons on a witch hunt over something like this goes to show how out of touch with reality they really are, their own daughters have open relationships, in a poll conducted not long ago over 50% of the Muslim youth @ university had professed to have engaged in Zina at some point in their life, with something like 75% having had a relationship with the opposite sex.

Yet all their energy is focused on tearing each other down while their youth and their own daughters/son are destroying themselves, because of how difficult they have made marriage.

:fittytousand: This. You hit the nail right on the button.
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