Fake Colonial boundaries are doomed to Collapse sooner or later.

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Reformation of Somaliland
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Galkacyo iyo Calula dhexdood
All colonial artificial states are only being held together by the western powers. Sooner or later, the west will grow tired tired of propping up fake nation states. The western powers are already moving more and more right wing as the immigrant population increases. Borders will be redrawn throughout former colonial states. This some political have even predicted as soon as a decade from today.
TPLF and all other artificial States in Africa WILL not survive.
I concentrate on Somalia coz I'm just preparing for the inevitable and living in reality.
The goal will be to live under a large state under a strong centralized government.
If we can't archive that by uniting with people I share language and culture, the other option is uniting those I share language, culture and blood.
Good thing my blood has got land! Big land.

This is very true. What is keeping the borders in Africa so stable although the nations are too weak to defend those borders? The fear of Western intervention and sanctions. Ethiopia is powerful enough to take a big chunk of Northern Kenya and easily defeat any Kenyan military effort, why don't they? Because the West may militarily intervene, or place crippling sanctions on Ethiopia.

If the West ever stops caring about maintaining Westphalian states in the developing world, expect tens of wars over land and resources.


Your superior
I'm not a qabilist , I'm wadani to the heart. Infact any intelligent person can see qabil is probably made up and just a lie.

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Yuusuf direed Founding Father of Ahlu-naar
I've heard that many times that sacad were makahil, but do u believe so
many of my sacad friends agree with ogadens on them being ogaden originally, hence why cumar jees and aideed allied in the 90's and also sacad unlike other hawiyes never had a clash with ogadens which proves something, anyway i dont know what about you?
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