WHAT'S TRENDING ON.. Faisal Salah has rebranded as ‘FaceSoul’ and is on COLORS show.


Midnimadeenu Waa Guusha Qaraanka
Good luck brother, I do remember his nasheed songs, super talented indeed :)

Most young western Somali entertainers are rappers or YouTube stars. I hope my Sufi king Faisal blows up. He used to sing nasheeds, I hope more Somali singers will be inspired by him and not these dusty rappers who promote filth and criminality

486th President

🍑 McDonald’s Time 😃
Mashallah he’s a great singer it’s a shame he’s changed so much this is why I don’t like Nasheed it’s just something as an alternative to music but majority of people will eventually go down the path of music still...

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