Ex-US intl agents admit helping UAE hack Americans


Forza Somalia!
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Reuters ($): A lot to unpack here. Three former NSA operatives, one of which now serves as ExpressVPN's CIO, have admitted to violating U.S. hacking laws under a deal to avoid prosecution. The three men were members of Project Raven (open the link for more details make a big cup of coffee for it), a clandestine team that helped the UAE spy on its enemies — including activists, human rights defenders, and Americans — through a domestic firm called DarkMatter. (For background, read The Intercept's story from 2016.) The three will avoid charges if they accept responsibility, repay money made from the operations, and never seek a U.S. national security clearance again. Suffice to say, the Justice Department seemed pissed. "Left unregulated, the proliferation of offensive cyber capabilities undermines privacy and security worldwide," said one U.S. attorney about the hackers-for-hire.