Evolutionary Altarnitives to Darwinism

Charles Darwin's theory of natural selection is essentially playing out with the coronavirus right now where by relying on vaccines to eliminate the virus, we are giving an evolutionary advantage to strains of the virus resistant to existing vaccines, where they become the dominant strains of the virus. This is also what is giving some bacterial pathogens resistance to antibiotics as natural selection is giving an advantage to bacterial strains that are resistant to antibiotics.

While it's fine to have theories that explore different theories, and there are other forces and factors at work, ultimately the theory is demonstrably correct, and viruses and bacteria reproduce so quickly with generations measured in minutes rather than years you can literally see it happen in front of you.
This quote is relevant to the points raised by Subboor:
Screen Shot 2021-11-19 at 10.30.34 am.png

Even if there's debate about whether natural selection is not the primary mechanism, the common origin of all species and the history of evolution is not debated.
Also Subboor is a bit shady, he has his own definitions of Darwinian Evolution and a lot of what he says is suspect. You should read this critique of one of his videos (which argues the same points):

This point is particularly interesting:
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He's a bit disingenuous and often misrepresents the scientists/philosophers he quote mines. He also frequently relies on sources that are 20+ years old