Europeans Colonized Most of World


With great power comes great electricity bill
And that kids is why you should invest in tech and your navies, it's how world superpowers fuck you up.

On another note I saw this map recently


Some country's are just fucked geographically, that is some prime soil.


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they had access to guns first. And nukes after that. Drones now. And whatever else as well. They are way more technologically advanced while also being soulless savages at the same time. Being the first to use guns the way they did gave them the advantage they needed to advance further
Yes them white devils. Even when black men have always killed each other and never want to pull themselves out of poverty. No, we must not speak about that. It’s da evil whyte man’s fault :)


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Europeans had superior technology compared to everyone else.

Here's a radical idea from Yuval's Homo Sapiens book though: The reason the Europeans managed to conquer pretty much everything is the difference in mindset from Europeans and everyone else.

The Ottoman empire and China primarily both had the resources and the know how to be the super powers of our world rather then the Europeans. But where curiosity, glory, and the possibility of wealth drove the Europeans into the unknown, the Chinesse and the Ottomans were content to be in their bubble. Why go discover when everything was already known? The world revolved around China. Anyone outside their borders was a barbarian. Likewise to the Ottomans, they controled the Spice trade, had a pretty nice empire and were content with their position. That need to go explore was an alien concept.

Easy example of this is the landing on the moon by Niel Armstrong. Those people that think it's a hoax, whether it is or not, have one key difference between those who believe that man did land on the moon, the will to imagine. Europeans utilized their minds inventing technology, exploring the world and conquering the known world. They opened their minds to the possibility of what could be rather than what was.

Everyone else was content with living life with closed minds. Why do we need to go to the moon when the moon can't be reached? Why do I need to build a boat and go explore empty ocean? Don't, but those that do might come and re-work your entire shit.

The British colonized China to sell them drugs. Funny what barbarians can do.


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Let's be just fair... and say they worked hard and maybe they have more intelligence than African, less docile than asian....

Allah gives power to whom he wants but in this case, white worked for it and others were too lazy.
look at Zimbabwe example even when they chased out the white devil they did nothing with their land...

Also African like to say they are family-oriented but we hate each other, unlike white who are more loyal to each other.

Right now Muslims around the world are humiliated because of their own doing....they were dignified through Islam but they went astray so that why we are humiliated....


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