Ethiopian signed 3.2 billion USD pipeline deal with Djibouti

That Ogadenia oil and gas is gonna make Ethiopia rich ,6-7 billion annually type rich:holeup::holeup::holeup:

no it wont, ethiopia will still be a shit hole country, kenyas budget last year was 29 billion dollars, ethiopia 12 billion, yet ethiopia has 110 million, kenya 48 million, ethiopia is just a socialist shithole, waa super super corrupt, it will not go to ethiopia but a few elites from adis and ddsi , just another african story my friend, the masses will not benefit as usual,

and when the chinese invest all that money, the yankis and Uk will tell ONLf to kick them out and cause chaos, america doesnt want the chinese in africa, mark my word, once all is finished the Ogadens will be told to kick them out if ethiopia doesnt come back from the chinese orbit,