Ethiopian- Cuban monument in Addis Abbaba

I cry when I watch this video. :frdfvsb::(

¡Long Live Cuban soldiers!

Cuban victory in Ogaden will never be forgotten by Somalis and Ethiopians.

It is not only a monument but the whole park is called "Ethio-Cuban Friendship Park". It also has the pictures and names of all the fallen Cuban soldiers during the 1977 war. God bless Cuba and its wonderful people! In due time we will build even a bigger park. Always grateful for the sacrifices they made!


What are Ethiopians saying about Cubans minute 16.28

He said that the Cuban General Ochowa (?) and his team that came from Cuba were all very competent and professional military personal. They brought about 600 tanks just in one week to the front and that the favor Cuba showed for Ethiopia is huge and can't be taken lightly.
10 million Somalis destroyed 80 million xabashis until Soviets saved them. Shows you the weakness of the bugged eyed raw meat eaters :susp:
The name of Cuban General is Arnaldo Ochoa, he was the chief of Cuban troops in Ethiopia.

An interesting thesis about WSLF and SALF:

Shut out of any possibility of extricating themselves from the Somali government’s iron fist, the SALF and the WSLF—once the most visible forces in eastern Ethiopia—were rendered obscure by the mid-1980s. Their demise—partly caused by excessive dependence on a power that radically changed its anti-Mengistu rhetoric and behavior after its defeat in a war with the military regime—illustrates the important lesson that autonomy is a crucial factor for the survival of a rebel group and the durability of its insurgency
Somali Army would've captured Addis Ababa if it wasn't for the USSR switching sides and the US not being as involved. We fully captured the Ogaden and went close to the heartland of Ethiopia.
I think you are lost cuban boy being a lackey of Soviets in a place thousands of miles from your home makes you cannon fodder for a battle you had no stake in.


Make Hobyo Great Again
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Dont blame Carter for Siad Barre mistakes. He trusted in United States and this is a serious mistake. You can love or hate United States but you must never trust in United States.

Anti-communist cubans were betrayed by Kennedy in 1961.

Dont forget Bay of Pigs operation.