Epidemic in the Somali community

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A severe lack of table manners. It's absolutely disgusting. Time and time again I see this when I go out to eat.

-Eating too quickly.
-Talking with a mouthful of food, spitting it everywhere.
-Packing the fork with too much food and stuffing it into their already full mouth.
-Chewing with their mouth open (worst one).
-Again, putting to much food onto the fork. Leaving sauce all around their mouth (and not wiping it!)
-Too fucking rowdy.
-Staring at you from across the restaurant while you eat.

This is so easy to remedy. Just put less food on your damn fork, slow down and close your mouth. f*ck! This is beyond irritating. This isn't a young people thing too, I see this frequently with the older folk as well. The mothers don't seem to do this though.

But thank God my parents instilled basic table manners into me from a young age.

Should be kicked out the place if you eat like this. This behaviour has to be stamped out.


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When I saw the word epidemic I got a little excited. :pachah1:I wanted something a bit more devasting. :camby:
Silly Somalis don't they know being a human hoover will cause a gastric ulcer. And reaching for Tums is just a quick fix. :trumpsmirk:Get yourself some that apple cider vinegar and chew slowly.
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