English girl dating Somali guy

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Learn to read. I said they have a great Somali father, the AA is the wife.

What's your obsession with Madows and the word cuck sxb, got any insecurities you want to share with us? :icon lol:
Dont even try to change the fact that you have ciyaal Madow ah oo abti u tahay
Learn to read. I said they have a great Somali father, the AA is the wife.

What's your obsession with Madows and the word cuck sxb, got any insecurities you want to share with us? :icon lol:
Close one :wowsweat:

is the AA chick thicc? Is it your MJ side that married the chick
Mormons in the UK

The number of Mormons in the UK has risen from 6,500 in the 1960s to 190,000 members (LDS 2008 figures).
Although the first Mormon Temple in Britain (at Newchapel in Surrey, pictured) was not built until 1958, the church has had a foothold in this country almost since it was founded by Joseph Smith in the USA. The third President of the Church, John Taylor, was an English convert.
The first Mormon missionaries were sent to England in 1837, led by the Apostle Heber C Kimball. They preached in Preston in July, and baptised their first nine converts the same month in the river Ribble. The first convert to be baptised was George D Watt.

By the next May they had converted over 1000 people.

By 1850, the Church had 30,747 members in England, and only 26,911 in the USA. By 1854 they had 50,000 members.

The growth was not destined to continue in England, as the newly converted soon began to emigrate to the USA.

The first batch of emigrants set out for the USA in 1840, and organised mass-migration followed. In 1853, for example, there were nearly 3,000 emigrants.

Preston Temple
Preston remained strongly associated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and in 1998 the second Mormon Temple in Britain was opened there, close to the town of Chorley and the M6 motorway.


A history of Pentecostalism in Britain

Through its very many manifestations or ‘streams’, Pentecostalism has long enjoyed a presence in Britain since its inception at the beginning of the twentieth century and via the several revivalist forms of Christianity which fed into it at the close of the previous century. As the movement emerged, it gave birth to a number of churches which continue to flourish at the present time.

Today, however, it might be suggested that, apart from those Pentecostal churches originating in the developing world and now with a presence in Britain, the movement passed its apogee of popularity several decades ago, arguably in the 1970s (altogether there are still approximately 17,000 Pentecostal churches in the UK). This

Christian fundamentalist schools teaching girls they must obey men.

Former pupils reveal homosexuality is being taught as unnatural, while Creationism is favoured over evolution in science lessons.

Interesting I wasn't aware of that... we Americans tend to only think of ourselves :icon e biggrin:
If you mean of all the mixed Somali divorces, 90% are Somali men. Then sure. But to claim that 90% of Somali men in mixed relationships abandoned their kids is ridiculous. That's even higher than the AA abandonment rate (70%).
Its still majority who loeave their foreign wives to go back to a somali woman. Happened to all somali men with foreign girlfriends i've known. They have fun, get kids then all of a sudden they become religious & dump them & go on having full somali babies making the foreign women single mothers

Actually, there's only 1 who's currently still together with his white woman. He couldn't find a somali girl because they found him too western.
She is English. Stop doubting her becuz she has a culture.

A paki can be British but he can't be an English
We all know with gaalada its every man for himself. They've dropped the idea of togetherness long ago. Too developed to depend on eachother
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