Eid Mubarak reer Puntland


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Not only the first person but the first TWO persons you tagged happen to be cismaan maxamuud.
So? Quark is also tagged in the middle. Stop trying to ruin the thread!

Abdalla you will not ruin my beautiful thread!

Not today Satan, not today!
May Allah accept all of your good deeds and fasts during Ramadan.Have a happy, fun and blessed Eid to you too, abaayo macaan. Have a great one with family and friends! Eid Mubarak ♥

Eid Mubarak to everyone!
May Allah accept all our good deeds from this holy month and may we live to see the next one inshallah. Eid mubarak Puntland family:nvjpqts:
Apparently it’s a running a theme on this site to only say Ramadan/Eid Mubarak to only your clan.
I can’t imagine wishing Eid Mubarak only to my qabiil wtf what about if you’ve relatives who belong to different Qabiils. I wonder if they will say eid Mubarak to their relatives too