Eid (how do you celebrate?)

I was raised in the west and I think we do not celebrate eid properly. We wake up wear new clothes go to the masjid, Pray the eid prayer and go shopping and to some peoples houses. Sometimes I decide not to go places or if I had important things at school I would just go to school after eid prayer. If I have kids InshaAllah we will go to prepare amazing foods, have feasts. Get presents. Be with family and friends etc.


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By going to the mosque for eid prayer. Then I go home and eat with the closest family. After that its time for coffee and baklava and the Eid program on Bosnian tv. Its tradition.

Call relatives in Bosnia and worldwide. Cousins usually visit. In the evening, my parents visit their friends or they visit us.

Second day of Eid is the day of Shahids.


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I sleep in

I find Eid depressing I think I need to go to an Islamic country to experience that authentic EID vibe
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I completely agree I think Eid is boring it’s the same with my family as well; wake up say Eid Mubarak, go to masjid and pray, eat breakfast, take a nap, then go out and watch a movie and eat dinner with family.

honestly Christian holidays like Halloween and Christmas seem so lit, there’s so many movies to watch, they decorate their houses, their is diffrent foods to try( imagine if Starbucks had an Eid flavor for a Starbucks drink or restaurants produced Eid food during Eid season) and things like candy canes, gingerbread houses, candy corn etc. they way they dress( Halloween they dress up in so many characters and Christmas people wear ugly Christmas sweaters and onesies) Eid clothes just seem pretty boring it’s usually just kameez.

it is different in a Muslim country, I remember celebrating Eid in Dubai and it was lit so I might be biased since I live in the west
the reason why kids want birthdays, want to celebrate Halloween, Christmas is because some families like mine make both eida very boring for kids. If some families make it fun with feasts, presents, then there would be less kids wanting to celebrate these pagan holidays