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Egypt's mega projects

Besides a new capital, Egypt is building more cities to deal with it's growing population.

This one will be built on higher elevation while also connected to the coast/Cairo.

This will be their Dubai on the Mediterranean sea west of Alexandria

Quite the projects if you ask me since just their new capital alone will be able to host 3 million which is larger than most new cities.
These arabs have no braincells inside their head. Whats the advantage of building skyscrapers when your people are living in a barren desert and struggling to get clean water. It would be better for them to stop this IMF loans which is only meant to control them in the longrun and take the advantage of their oil to invest africultural and industrial sectors and grow as a prosperous and free nation like Othmanians.

Ibrahim hassan

Esteemed Excellency
Egypt is done for. That money should be invested else where. Building cities no one will go to seems be a money laundering scheme.