Education policy in Somalia

If the government gets enough power it will be in the position to mold the character of the citizenry through education. A smart Somali government would do everything in its power to influence the character development of children towards desirable traits, such as (IMO) secularism, civility, cooperation, gender equality, and respect for the necessity and urgency of unifying our racial inheritance of Greater Somalia.

The U.S K-to-12 educational pipeline is mainly a domestication and socialization process (and a babysitting service) with the aim of producing a workforce and citizenry that will self-manage in key ways, be educable enough for training in the workplace, and will be appreciative at least at the emotional level of the benefits of a well-run society and the individual's civic responsibilities towards that shared end.

The character of the American is significantly molded by his government towards respect for authority as present in the legal system and in the hierarchical power structure in most workplaces . As many of these students will be end up being "managed," the educational process then produces a citizenry whose psychology is prepped for cooperation and taking orders. Me thinks the Somali is most in need of this domestication process so as to undermine the transmission of our disastrous weltanschauung to innocent future generations.