Ebola now in Kenya



Lack of unity and peace had resulted in every few years tens of thousands of Somali people dying from hunger and if you’ve read what the tsunami did for Indonesia in terms of Aceh, you will conclude, out of a disastrous event, something positive emerged=peace. The Ebola could’ve similar effect in Somalia. Consider it as God punishing Somalis for their tribal worshiping. Now, diss me till you fall asleep. Talk to the hand because the face doesn’t care. @Basra taught me that.
A disease like Ebola is not comparable to a natural disaster like a tsunami.

If this was concerning an imminent and quick natural disaster, your point might be taken, but an Ebola outbreak would be slow, painful and would only serve to pile onto the country’s problems. An outbreak a population can’t handle could never open a door to peace, only more death and pain.

You’re being really insensitive here.
The Kenyan woman suspected of having Ebola was taken to the hospital and was confirmed to not have Ebola.
There is no Ebola in Kenya.


It's all so tiresome
The more exposure Ebola has with humans the more likely it will evolve into a more virulent strain.

Those little bastards reproduce whole generations within minutes.


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