Dugsi life


Death Awaits You
You need to come clean to your mother. Tell her you need to focus more on your college education.
Miskeen. I am a lil older than you so my malcaamad days are long gone. Can't say I miss them. I like to seek knowledge on my own terms. :/
You're an agnostic. Are you also doing a challenge?
I have reverted back to ahlul sunnah. Life without some degree of spirituality is bleak and depressing, well in my case, but thats just how I view things due to my life experiences. I still hold views against wahabism/salafism but thats an entirely different sheeko. lol u bloody **** is that why you changed your picture to the kaabah .


The Realest of All Time
When Dugsi was actually fun and you can't understand why other Somalis hated it :gucciwhat:

Or maybe I had decent teachers :chrisfreshhah:


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