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DROP DEAD GORGEOUS Canadian-Xaliimo abandons Canada to create jobs people back in our shithole


It's all so tiresome
Africa is the future if you can start a successful company, population growth is insane.
1.7 billion by 2030 and 3 billion by 2050

Imagine you built a household brand with hundreds of million of loyal customers.

The easiest way to compete with IBM, AT&T and similar behemoths was if you started when they're markets weren't mature yet


Taxation is theft
This is what REALLY scares racist whites. Instead whining and begging others to uplift you, she uplifted herself. That’s what black and brown people need to learn here in America
Beautiful, making a difference to her motherland.

This is what we should aspire to and what our destitute families had in mind when they fled and what our country and its people need.

Your either a positive contributor or a despicable waste of space scourge.


Taxation is theft
Particularly, yes. The reason why is a lot of black/brown around me should be following this women example, instead of just *****ing about lack of opportunities or knowledge
Whites are more afraid of self sufficient poc. The fact that even though this woman wasn’t privileged but still didn’t need the white man’s help scares them to their core.