Dr. Bayle building schools and sponsoring students in the Awdal Region from his own pocket


He built the primary school in the town of Fadhixun, Awdal and went over 7 years ago. Here he is:

Dr Bayle then sponsors graduates in their high school education all the way to university.


This is a student who was sponsored by Dr Bayle who said:

"Dr Bayle is the reason why I had an opportunity to have an education and stopped me from becoming ignorant. I'm from the town of Fadhixun, I couldn't read or write. Dr Bayle built a primary school of two rooms and then he built a high school in the same region that I live in. I will never forget his favour."

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Make Hobyo Great Again
Now this is the kind of corruption I can get behind. Congratulations reer Awdal.