Dozens killed in renewed fighting between Issa and Afar communities in Ethiopia

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Ethiopia fuel squeeze and Djibouti's continued economic importance
Abdur Rahman Alfa Shaban

...That reality shot to the fore earlier this week when the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa almost run out of fuel because a road connecting Ethiopia and Djibouti had been blocked – blocked by protesters.

A Reuters report notes that the blockade which happened in the northeastern Afar region had been resolved. Protesters’ action had beyond affecting the roads also affected operations of the Ethio-Djibouti rail, local media reports noted.

The blockade of the highway linking the two neighbours followed the latest deadly clashes between ethnic Afars and Issa Somalis, who are a minority in the area, which broke out in December. Locals say dozens have been killed.

Afar elders said the attacks were an attempt to tear areas inhabited by Issas away from the region. An Afar rebel group said the attacks were supported by ethnic Somalis from Djibouti and Somalia.
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