Doollo region new governor


Lol relax buddy, this is not fake even though I disagree with the order Cagjar gave out Guddomiye and Kuxigeen this is well known. Here are your two adeers sxb it seems one of them is mad though :dead:

LOL, this is created to get views, somalis have learned the art of creating buzz on youtube to get views and ratings,

makahil have said we will not aloow it and cagjar said he wanted somali unity and will yield to makahil demands, he said i will fix it, he apologised,

so, how come marehan has noting, where is sheikh saying we live and own somali region, ??
jahuur lost my trust when cawlyahan with 12 counties did not get a single minister until they fought him he gave them after wards, and cabdalla in godey

insha Allah a reer cabdulle will come or makahil next 2020 and all langabs minority non Absame will be cleaned out as per usual

enjoy your 1 year left cagjar, ONLF will build their base and the nasab lander rulers who ruled Ogadeniya for years will not settle for even allow an 1door to breath in jigjiga or another langab
the 8 Mj is fake, its only 1

remmeebr when he gave cabdalla in godey region nothing, and cawlyahan in afdheer with 12 counties nothing, in terms of ministers,

well he came back from it after they boycotted him,

he sent an 1door to imay, reeer amadin liyu police said we will kill him and you cagjar, he changed it,

now he gave cabdalla and cawlyahan not just ministers but also permanant secraties,

this Mj waa fake news, makahil told him we will not alolow it, its from months ago, the Mj kids here cannot even provide links, its an old sheego

the makahil make up majorty liyu police and will not allow this to happen,

the one thing he fears is liyu police,

so now he said lets do this until next election, Og told him to lickm his 1door reer abrti first,

so we will bring back the cabdi iley rules of 100% of the warder 6 govenors being maqabul

cabdi once kicked all of them out and said eat your fathers, go run galgaciyo, this is makahil lands,

he kicked all of them out becasue in 2007 they would say this govenor is ONLf and the zenawi dogs would ask them resign based on that, so when uncle cabdi came he literally in the space of few weeks kicked them out and placed makahil liy u police on the border and brought back all the previous makahil governors accused of being ONLf back to their posts

if it was not cabdi iley we would have reer puntland refugees in warder today infesting

so ignore these baseless fake news Mj faan saying we have a governor or 8 Mj seats etc, waa been,

and if cagjar didn't give 100% of the seats to cawlayahan and makahil and cabdalla in their regions it will just drive them towards the next reeer cabdulle president insha Allah

and on top of that ONLf is sweet hearting every Og village getting ready for the 202 election,

another amazing thing uncle cabdi did was he banned None Absame from having passports in ddsi, Mj, 1door etc,

he once moved the passport office to jigjiga but saw huge demand from non absame wanting sharci, so he moved it back to dira daba, remember it takes days to get as you have to take the nogob road as there is no straight road and made Ogadens in charge of the office who will need your abtirsi and proof

so the idea is for ONLf to win 87% like they did in 1993 and 1997 with every other langab against us,

no offence to feraari but now Ogadne has seen weak leadership from cagjar and thus reer isaaq and will demand a hawk reer cabdulle to come to the rescue, reer cabdulle waa the neo cons of the Ogaden world,
This is a Makaahiil elder asking the same questions we're asking, what have Makaahiil done to deserve the treatment they've been getting from Cagjar:gucciwhat:

Sxb it's true and to make matters worse he's double downed on his agenda with this recent appointment
This is a Makaahiil elder asking the same questions we're asking, what have Makaahiil done to deserve the treatment they've been getting from Cagjar:gucciwhat:

Sxb it's true and to make matters worse he's double downed on his agenda with this recent appointment

even if its true, we will fight him,

and this is a shame for jahuur reer isaaq, they will never be appointed again ever again, no OG will ever trust them,

wardeer when cabdi left it was 7 degaan, 5 waa 100% Ogadne, 1 is bicidyan 80% with 205 us and one we share with marehan,

so tell him how a langab can have governorship when he makes up 1/7th ,

this is ceeb with cagjar but i have faith he will change it like he changed the cawlyahan/cabdalla issue,

or makahil liyu police will fight and all Oagdens should support them,

we will atatck all langabs, we will never allow a non OG to rule the 8 OG gobals, and the one jidwaq gobal will be jidwaq, 9 must be absame bare non,

@Ferrari cagjar has shamed reer isaaq and mohamed xubeer and Ogaden and must reverse this, i heard he will change this decision in a few weeks/months and announce an OG makahil nasab ratehr than a m1dgaan race midget,

what say you,
Guul somali galbeed.

The time of marginalization is over. Everyone will have a seat at the table and have their voices heard

All for one and one for all



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Cagjar seems like a soft guy who is brainwashed by somalinimo kkk

you guys should be ready to get rid of him if he cucks too much
How disrespectful to the noble Makaahil. He's willing to shaft his own relatives for some Puntite malab
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