Don't ya'll find it odd?

Prime Minister

Somali Promotion Agent
Yes sxb people are loving and dont want exploit others❤ the japanese didnt expolit asia, it was just a missunderstanding, the serbs didnt attack the bosnians they just wanted to surprise them. The scramble for Africa by the west, was just a monopoly game prank❤



I am NOT a federal agent
Self bombing is a muslim phenomenon. The Pakistanis who are very similar to Somalis resort to self suicide bombing. It stems from helplessness

The Scotts used to do it to King James II too. Self bombing is a last resort of intimidation. a poor man's revenge tool
suicide bombing was invented by Sri Lankan gaals
My clan isnt from South Somalia and i wont disclose which clan im from. But my things is this, i love the my people from the South first for being somalis with shared history, tradition, culture, language and customs, and secondly for being muslims too. It hurts me seeing them in this position and being bombarded unjustly by traitors and foreigners. And i know that some of my people from other regions that have nabad, for the only reason that they dont have foreign boots in their lands and being targeted, should thank Allah and support their people that are being targeted by foreigners. A big reason for them being targeted is that "black gold" (oil). If they find oil in SL or PL there might pop out "terrorist" out of nowhere. Which seems to be a recuring theme throughout the world.