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Important Donations for Beledweyne

Assalama Aleykum-

I regret to ask for your help again, but this is an urgent humanitarian matter which is currently unfolding in the City of Beledweyne in South-Central Somalia, my hometown. As many of you already know, there had been devastating recurring floods. Last major floods like this one displaced as many as hundred thousand (100,000) of its residents. This is the third major flood since 2016. Local news sources are reporting that the devastation has reached levels never seen before. Both in 2018 and in 2016, the city had two massive flood; both tragedies, there were numerous deaths, followed by widespread outbreak of cholera, malaria and other infectious illnesses. It is likely this will be case again this time time around as well unless these impacts are mitigated.

I am asking your help to contribute anything you can and help us raise enough money to rent a few water tankers for these needy families. I recommend you to contribute anything you have, $100+, $50, $20, $10, $5 or any amount. Anything will help; I want everyone in my network to participate. Even if a fraction of my friends give the minimal amount, we will reach our goal in no time. The goal is to raise at least $10,000 as soon as we can, and send it to the Chairman of Hirshabelle Youth Organization Muhammad Abdullahi Buraale (Raaxeeye. The Chairman estimated that with this amount of funds, we can supply clean water and other essential needs for about 300 to 500 families within the next few weeks while floods subside.

I am currently acting as the unofficial diaspora outreach person for the Hirshabelle Youth. If you have any questions about this efforts or would like to join forces with us, please feel free to email me @ iwarsame8@gmail.com

This is the link to the GoFundMe page:

This is where im from, my mom told me about this, didnt know it was that serious. I will try to donate inshallah
We’re almost at the new 20K goal guys.

Latest update:

TODAY BY: Ismail Warsame, Organizer

Asslamu Aleykum,

I am pleased to let you know that we have surpassed our original goal of $10,000 in less than 48 hours. We have made arrangements to get the team on the ground get started immediately. But because of your collective generosity and feedback, we increased the goal and doubled to $20,000. At this rate, I am confident we shall reach that goal within another 48 hours inshallah. Please continue to share and let folks know about this dire need.

Thank you,
TODAY by Ismail Warsame, Organizer

Congratulations! We have reached our goal of $20,000, some of our friends suggested that we increase it even more, because the need is great, but for now, we shall keep the same goal. However, we can still collect more through this platform. I will keep the account open until the weekend inshallah.

I will come on Facebook LIVE @ 9:30pm Eastern Time Zone tonight to answer your questions on logistics and moving forward. I am also open to increase the goal if there is significant demand for that. Feel free to join the discussion inshallah!

Facebook account will be “AbuZayd Inarooti” please join us!

**Update** We have surpassed our goals twice, THANK YOU!

However, due to to an overwhelming support and equally overwhelming need on part of the flood victims, we have updated the new goal to $35,000. This campaign will continue to remain open beyond this goal if the demand for the platform continues.
Important information:

As you know, I have been posting regular updates on this platform, but there are folks who still have some basic questions. I just wanted to make it clear as of now, we haven’t sent the money yet, so nothing has happened so far. All the footage you might have seen prior to now were done with other resources.

Our plan is to send first batch to Hirshabelle Youth Organization this weekend, which is the group already doing the work on the ground with funds from other donors. Our funds are expected to reach them this coming weekend inshallah. Documentation of distribution including video footage detailing how our funds are being distributed will be made available promptly and publicly after the weekend. As soon as the funds hit my bank account (they said within 2 business days) I will immediately transfer them. In the meantime, well done everyone, the funds are coming fast and furious. We have just set a new goal of $35 thousand dollars. We can make huge difference with that inshallah. We are well on our way to that milestone. Stay tuned.