Does weed make someone lazy


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I used to smoke a ridiculous amount and it does make you lazy and not productive. The weed in these streets these have crazy amount of of THC makes you paranoid and can give you insomnia or anxiety. If you smoke weed occasionally with around 21% THC you will be fine.


Jack walaalo, do coke or leave drugs alone. I would advise the latter, but whatever you do... don't smoke weed. Very lame & uncool.


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I'm gonna keep it a stack

Yes, it makes me very lazy. It was also pretty self destructive. I don't bullshit myself like others just repeating the propaganda to mask their own issues.

If you are a deep thinker, weed is not too bad. It makes you more creative and it kinda relaxes your mind from its stiffness.

But I've noticed, I could do that when I'm clearheaded and clean from thc in my system.

The reason most people smoke is numb themselves emotionally, and your mood becomes "aaah, I'll do it some other time" until you wasted so much time that you'll become anxious and depressed about wasting years and have nothing to show for it.

Somalis in general are very self destructive under the influence. For every 1 person that's aight with it, there's atleast 40 oo ku qasaaray.

Like QabiilNobel said, only smoke when you got something going for yourself. Don't smoke when you got nothing going for you in life. It will just delay you and drain your pockets.


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