Does this sound fishy to you?


Ina libaax sanka taabte
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Thing is I got a relative back home she gonna get visited by an old lady from Canada ( dont know where in Canada she resides)

So this lady gonna visit My relative in Hargeisa and see if shes good enough to her sons

This lady got 2 sons and both divorced their wives because they were hablo xuun apparently one was pregnant before aqal galka

Now Im wondering if this lady Is telling the truth why arent her sons going back home looking for a wife?

And is it just a coincidence both her sons shortly divorced their wives?

I think shes covering something up


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I think her sons are bums and alcoholics.

If I were you I would tell the relative not to agree with this sham marriage.
Why does your relative put herself down so much she's willing to be 'inspected' by some habar who wants to palm off her two divorced sons on unsuspecting women.


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It sounds like she wants someone desperate enough to accept the shit her loser son will certainly put her through.