Does She like me or is She playing me. Help!!

I’m about to walk out of class and this girl walking in with her earphones in her, says “you’re so cute”, and causally continues walkingMind you I didn’t see if she was looking at me but I swear there was nobody around but me.

She forgets my name on purpose and never calls me by my name.

She avoids greeting me and greets everyone else. Unless I stare at her.

When we first met she asked how old I was guess were 2 years apart; her being older.

She calls me “Hey you”. Like I forgot her name first and tbh I don’t even call her by her name just for payback or me I did it first IDK

I’m literally obsessed with this girl now. She mind fucked me. Hopefully you girls can interpret this language.
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I'm not a girl but it seems that she's trying to make it seem like she doesn't like you because she actually does, she's playing games and she's trying to send you a message
Discard the first paragraph would u come to the same conclusion? I might e heard her wrong.
Yes I would, there's no reason for her to treat you different and not greet you, not learn your name, etc, except to conceal the fact that she likes you.

There might be a small chance she just dislikes you for whatever reason.


i think with my heart
maybe she doesn't know you well. try to get to know her more, like initiate more conversations etc