do you think you overestimate yourselves

probably most of us on this forum like many other social media platforms have a higher estimates of ourselves
than is the actual truth. a lot of us here think of ourselves as very relevant in our thoughts and ideas and seek
some sort of validation on that belief. we feel that we need to be recognized and encouraged on again that same belief.
we want to think that we impact and affect in our contributions. i guess most of you here feel that you have not yet received
the proper acknowledgment that you deserve and on a daily basis you are thinking of avenues that can afford you the opportunity
to reveal to the world your perceived worthy and specialness. maybe one day it might turn out to be true and you are actually special
or on the other hand maybe we are just average and need to adjust to that realty and humble ourselves to our god appointed stations
in life and learn to appreciate and relish ourselves in them. maybe that would be whats special about ourselves and we end up finding our true and happy selves. have a happy seeking and reflective day and be open to being just a normal and self contented happy farah or halimo with no need to apparent validation. love you to all who believe in the creator and islam.