Do you think you met an sspoter in public before?

King Khufu

Dignified Gentlemen
Thought I met @AbdiJohnson and @Dutchess once in front of my house during a snow storm with their car stuck in front of the house. The short dude with dreads I was helping out was AJ as we were pushing the car from the ditch of snow and the thick chocolate chick yelling at us in the car I assume was Dutchess at the time.

Or maybe those were just two random niggas just stuck in a snow bank lol who knows.
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I once caught one of the mandem browsing sspot a year ago on his phone, I acted like i aint know this forum asking why these somalians were attacking madows like they arent madow themselves :damn: he laughed said these niggas be delusional. No account signed in tho

Few months later I did some digging and found out who he was on here :mjlol: i was shook
who is it
If someone who knows me decided to check somalispot and saw my profile... it is qalas for me. They would know immediately. But most users here are not from Norway so I’m not too worried

Marshall D Abdi

Know you’re place peasant
i think my cousin lurks here checked for more info he has the qabil i thaught he had seen half of his face and the country he resides

confrimed he is here, ngl his views irl and on sspot big diffrence :mjlol: